a new part of Amsterdam in the IJ-Lake


In the IJ-lake to the east of Amsterdam, there is to housing for 45.000 people. IJburg stage one, the first half of the project, comprising about 9000 buildings, is almost finished. Each island will have its own individuality.


On the Steiger Island all options are being tried out: housing on land or on water, self build homes in the southern part of the land, and self build floating houses on the water. Blocks of housing on the northern side have created a sheltered environment next to the vastness/immensity of the IJmeer.
Haven Island had a very urban feel with its solid blocks each of a different design providing great diversity. This diversity, combining low and high rise buildings with differing inner courtyards, and the very wide canals with their beautiful bridges gives the architecture a special feel.
The housing on the Riet Island is not as dense and is more upmarket. Individually designed villas/houses each have a small landing stage, hidden among the reeds at the back. You are surrounded by water everywhere in IJburg.
Currently the second phase is in progress.


Construction has started on the Central Island, which has a total surface of 22ha. This island will be raised 30 cm above the Harbour Island because we need to adjust the ground level to allow it to cope with the maximum water level. All the construction is carbon neutral.
In the summer of 2018 we will start putting in place the much bigger Strand Island.